User Role Editor version 4.1 is available

User Role Editor version 4.1. is available. 1st, it includes bug fix for the class property and method access modifier problem discovered at version 4.0 ( But it is not the only good thing you get with this update.
New feature named “Quick Filter” is realized. If you have a lot of plugins installed, which use their own capabilities extensively (like WooCommerce, Gravity Forms, etc.), or you created a lot of custom user capabilities yourself, it becomes a more difficult task to separate a subset of capabilities responsible for the needed task. The aim of “Quick Filter” tool is to help you resolve such problem easier way.

Sometime it is not easy to manage this huge capabilities stuff by selecting needed capabilities manually

Custom user capabilities
Custom user capabilities

With a help of “Quick Filter” tool you may highlight needed capabilities, as I made for the “Gravity Forms” capabilities above. Just type keyword into ‘Quick Filter” text input field. Capabilities which contain keyword inside their ID will be highlighted by green color automatically. You may proceed with them manually then or apply selection buttons from toolbar to the right. “Select All”, “Unselect All”, “Reverse” buttons respect quick filter if it is setup. So you may select/unselect all highlighted capabilities with one click.

Look at short support video I recorded for your reference: