Changes List User Role Editor Pro

[4.41] 06.02.2018

Core version: 4.40.1

  • New: Export-import module was rewritten:
    – Attention: New exported data format is not compatible with data exported by older versions.
    – Users->User Role Editor: Export/Import buttons applied to the single currently selected role only.
    – It’s possible to export/import add-ons data, like ‘Admin Menu’, ‘Posts Edit’, ‘Post View’, ‘Meta Boxes’.
    – Settings->Tools-> Export/Import buttons will work for all roles of current site (main site from the network admin) in the next version.
  • New: Content View Restrictions add-on: redirect to URL option was added for access error action.
  • Update: URE_Admin_Menu::load_menu_access_data_for_role() method was renamed to URE_Admin_Menu::load_data_for_role().
  • Update: URE_Admin_Menu::load_menu_access_data_for_user() method was renamed to URE_Admin_Menu::load_data_for_user().
  • Update: Page permissions viewer add-on: source code tracing was returned back (if available).
  • Update: Other roles access add-on: changes were applied for compatibility with PHP versions prior 5.5
  • Fix: Content View Restrictions add-on:
    – HTML layout issue was fixed at the “Action” section of post editor meta box.
    – Restrictions were not applied properly for WooCommerce products list via [products] shortcode as WooCommerce may cache query result of unrestricted user for 30 days and show that cached data to users with restricted view access.
  • Fix: Admin menu access add-on (URE_Admin_Menu_Access::update_menu()): bug in menu update may lead to the indefinite redirection loop as a blocked URL was selected as the 1st available menu item link.
  • Core version was updated to 4.40.1:
  • Update: use wp_roles() function from WordPress API instead of initializing $wp_roles global directly. wp_roles() function (introduced with WP 4.3) was included conditionally to URE code for backward compatibility with WordPress 4.0+
  • Fix: Bug was introduced by version 4.37 with users recalculation for “All” tab after excluding users with “administrator” role. Code worked incorrectly for Japanese locale.
  • Fix: WordPress multisite: bbPress plugin detection code was changed from checking bbPress API function existence to checking WordPress active plugins list. bbPress plugin activated for the site was not available yet for the network activated User Role Editor at the point of URE instance creation. URE did not work with bbPress roles as it should by design.

[4.40.1] 22.12.2017

Core version: 4.39

  • Fix: Content View Restrictions add-on: change of “For Users” field in post/page editor “Content View Restrictions” meta box was not saved properly after the 4.40 update.

[4.40] 20.12.2017

Core version: 4.39

  • New: Support was added for additional user capabilities introduced by WordPress versin 4.9: deactivate_plugins, install_languages, update_languages. There is a new section “Use additional capabilities” at Settings->User Role Editor->Additional Modules tab. Minimal required WordPress version: 4.9. ‘deactivate_plugin’ capability is mapped to ‘deactivate_plugins’, ‘activate_plugin’ – to ‘activate_plugins’.
  • Update: Admin menu access add-on: ‘paged’ argument was added as allowed by default for upload.php URL.
  • Fix: Admin menu access add-on: White-listed URL arguments were not taken into account in case URL started not with ‘admin.php’ and contained a ‘page’ argument.
  • Fix: Other roles access add-on: edit/delete user with blocked role via direct link (user-edit.php?user_id=ID or users.php?action=delete&user=ID) was not prohibited as expected.
  • Fix: Page permissions viewer add-on does not produce PHP notices and warnings in case ‘file’ index does not exist in a data return by debug_backtrace() function.
  • Update: Type checking enhanced for values received from a user input and for variable arguments inside database queries.
  • Update: Plugin settings management code moved to the separate URE_Settings_Pro class.
  • Update: “Settings->User Role Editor->Additional Modules” tab: if “Defaults for content view restrictions” section is visible when you click “Save”, it’s not hidden after the page refresh.
  • Core version was updated to 4.39:
  • Update: Plugin settings management code moved to the separate URE_Settings class.
  • Update: Own code to build usermeta db table name was excluded. A value from $wpdb->usermeta is used instead.
  • Update: Type checking enhanced for values received from a user input and for variable arguments inside database queries.

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