Changes List User Role Editor Pro

[4.56] [27.04.2020]

Core version: 4.54

  • Fix: Front-end menu access add-on:
    – Do not switch menu walker to custom one starting from WordPress version 5.4 as it natively supports ‘wp_nav_menu_item_custom_fields’ action.

    – Do not duplicate UI elements output in case ‘wp_nav_menu_item_custom_fields’ action is executed more than one time – (for example, by external code incompatible with WordPress 5.4).
  • Core version was updated to 4.54:
  • New: Quick filter hides capabilities, which do not contain search string.
  • Update: CSS enhancement: When site has many custom post types capabilities list section maximal height is limited by real height of the left side (capabilities groups) section, not by 720px as earlier.
  • Fix: Empty list of capabilities (0/0) was shown for custom post types (CPT) which are defined with the same capability type as another CPT.
    For example courses CPT from LearnDash plugin is defined with ‘course’ capability type (edit_courses, etc.) and other CPT from LearnDash were shown with 0/0 capabilities (lessons, topics, quizzes, certificates).

[4.55.2] [30.03.2020]

Core version: 4.53.1

  • Fix: bbPress roles UI elements, like “Forum role”, “Change forum role to…” were empty due to fix made with version 44.55.1.

[4.55.1] [28.03.2020]

Core version: 4.53.1

  • New: Content view access add-on:
    – ‘ure_content_view_access_data_for_role’ custom filter was added. It takes 2 parameters: 1st – array with content view access data defined for a role, $role_id – role ID, for which content view access data is filtered.
    – ‘ure_content_view_access_data_for_user’ custom filter was added. It takes 2 parameters: 1st – array with content view access data defined for a user, $user_id – user ID, for which content view access data is filtered.
  • New: Front-end menu access add-on: ‘ure_show_front_end_menu_item’ custom filter was added. It takes 3 parameters: 1st – logical, if TRUE – show menu item, 2nd – nav_menu_item data structure with checked menu item, 3rd – URE restriction data for menu item. Return false to hide menu item from current user.
  • Fix: Excluded using $this in a static method URE_Admin_Menu_Hashes::require_data_conversion(), line #179.
  • Fix: Excluded using $this in a static method URE_Network_Addons_Data_Replicator::get_for_new_blog(), lines #172, #200.
  • Core version was updated to 4.53.1:
  • Fix: Undefined variable: message at wp-content/plugins/user-role-editor/includes/classes/editor.php:898
  • Update: Few English grammar enhancements.

[4.55] [03.02.2020]

Core version: 4.53

  • New: custom filter ‘ure_hide_fe_menu_if_content_view_prohibited’ allows to not hide front-end menu item, if linked page is prohibited for view to current user.
  • Update: Other roles access add-on: It’s possible to use this add-on against ‘administrator’ role under WordPress multisite. Return FALSE from ‘ure_not_block_other_roles_for_local_admin’ filter for this purpose.
  • Fix: Other roles access add-on:
    – Users with blocked role(s) were shown for “Block not selected” model.
    – Users quantity at the top roles links/filters were counted wrong way.
  • Core version was updated to 4.53:
  • Update: “Add role”, “Delete role”, “Rename role”, “Add capability”, “Delete capability” do not reload full page on completion, but use AJAX for data exchange with server and refresh parts of the page via JavaScript.
  • Update: Multisite: “Allow non super administrators to create, edit, and delete users” option: priority for ‘map_meta_cap’ filter priority was raised from 1 to 99, in order make possible to overwrite changes made by other plugins, like WooCommerce.
  • Fix: Some English grammar mistakes.

[4.54.1] [27.12.2019]

Core version: 4.52.2

  • New: Other roles access add-on: Use custom ‘ure_other_roles_access’ filter to change restrictions for user dynamically. Filter takes 2 input parameters: 1) $blocked (array) – restrictions for current user; 2) $user (WP_User) – current user.
  • Fix: Other roles access add-on:
    – It was not possible to edit user from the users list, when “Not selected” model is turned ON.
    – There was a bug in processing roles with similar role IDs, like ‘customer’, ‘wholesaler_customer’. When you blocked ‘customer’ role, script automatically blocked similar role ‘wholesaler_customer’.
  • Core version was updated to 4.52.2
  • Fix: Custom capabilities for custom post types was not created by URE automatically since version 4.52.1.
  • Fix: ‘administrator’ role protection did not show to power users roles with ‘administrator’ word inside, like ‘shop_administrator’, etc.

[4.54] [25.11.2019]

Core version: 4.52.1

  • New: Multisite: “Network Admin->Users->User Role Editor->Network Update” URE Pro uses by default the main blog as a source of add-ons settings to replicate for all network. New custom filter ‘ure_get_addons_source_blog’ allows to use as a source blog any other existing subsite. Filter accepts single parameter – main blog ID by default. User this filter to return ID of blog/subsite which you wish to use as a source of add-ons settings for all other subsites.
  • Fix: PHP Notice: Undefined variable: post_id in /wp-content/plugins/user-role-editor-pro/pro/includes/classes/content-view-restrictions-editor.php on line 150

[4.53] [14.11.2019]

Core version: 4.52.1

  • New: Front-end menus admin access add-on: Block access to the front-end (navigation) menus under “Appearance->Menu” for selected role.
  • Core version was updated to 4.52.1
  • Update: URE requires PHP version 5.6.
  • Update: ure_cpt_editor_roles filter was added. It takes 2 parameters: array $roles with 1 element ‘administrator’ by default and $post_type with post type name string. Add other role(s) to which you wish automatically add all user capabilities for custom post type $post_type. URE updates roles this way before opening “Users->User Role Editor” page.
  • Update: New own URE Pro user capability ‘ure_nav_menus_access’ was added. It allows to manage what front-end menus will be available for selected role.

[4.52] [03.10.2019]

Core version: 4.51.3

  • New: Content View Restrictions add-on: It’s possible to add view restrictions directly to post categories or any other custom taxonomies.
  • Update: Meta boxes access add-on: It’s possible to block/hide “Page Attributes” Gutenberg sidebar component blocking “Page”->”Page Attributes” meta box.
  • Fix: Content view restrictions add-on: Redirection from not available for view front/home page works as expected (“Page not found” error message was shown earlier).
  • Fix: Admin menu access add-on: When menu link is the same as the link of the single unblocked submenu item (all the rest items of the same submenu were blocked), menu link was removed as a blocked one.
  • Fix: Export single role: Exported file may lose 1-2 last characters and get wrong extension (.pdf in addion to expected .dat). Content type header was replaced with ‘application/octet-stream’;
  • Fix: Import single role: Error processing was enhanced for the cases of incorrect JSON data input. URE shows error message now instead of page reload in silence.
  • Fix: Settings->User Role Editor->Multisite->Activate access restrictions to User Role Editor for single site administrator: after turning ON this option URE produced PHP fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined method URE_Lib_Pro::filter_existing_caps_input() in /wp-content/plugins/user-role-editor-pro/pro/includes/classes/settings-pro.php on line 192

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