User Role Editor Pro version 4.8

User Role Editor Pro version 4.8 is available for download.
The list of updates includes:

  • Role ID validation rule was added to prohibit numeric role ID – WordPress does not support them.
  • HTML markup was updated to provide compatibility with upcoming WordPress 3.8 new administrator backend theme MP6.
  • It is possible to manage access of single sites administrators to the selected user capabilities and Add/Delete role operations inside User Role Editor.
  • Shortcode [user_role_editor roles=”none”]text for not logged in users[/user_role_editor] is available.
  • Other shortcode enclosed inside “user_role_editor” shortcode are processed recursively.
  • Gravity Forms available at “Export Entries”, “Export Forms” pages is under URE access restriction now, if such one was set for the user.
  • Gravity Forms import could be set under “gravityforms_import” user capability control.
  • Option was added to show/hide help links (question signs) near the capabilities from single site administrators.
  • Plugin “Options” page was divided into sections (tabs): General, Multisite, About.
  • Author’s information box was removed from URE plugin page.
  • Restore previous blog ‘switch_to_blog($old_blog_id)’ call was replaced to ‘restore_current_blog()’ where it is possible to provide better compatibility with WordPress API.
  • After use ‘switch_to_blog()’ in cycle, URE clears ‘_wp_switched_stack’ global variable directly instead of call ‘restore_current_blog()’ inside the cycle to work faster.