Unlock Smart Manager for WooCommerce Shop Manager

In this post we will talk about how to unlock free version of Smart Manager for WooCommerce Shop Manager user.

If you ever used Smart Manager for e-Commerce WordPress plugin with WooCommerce e-shop, you may asked the question:
– Why WooCommerce super-user with ShopManager role does not see “Smart Manager” menu item under the “Products” menu?

For some reasons the free version of “Smart Manager” is available for the user with “Administrator” role only. But Pro version of “Smart Manager” has the user interface to configure what other WordPress roles are allowed to work with “Smart Manager”. So if you wish to use the full functionality of the “Smart Manager” consider to buy Pro version.
What to do if you wish to stay with free version of “Smart Manager”, but need make it available to the users without “Administrator” role? Is it possible to make free version of “Smart Manager” available for other user roles without changing its source code?
Yes. You need to add manually this option to WordPress options table: sm_role_dashboard, where “role” is the name of WordPress user role for which you wish to make visible the “Smart Manager” menu item. Let’s see how to make it on the example of the “Shop Manager” (shop_manager) WordPress user role, which has full WooCommerce user capabilities list.
1) Use PhpMyAdmin or other SQL tool your prefer and insert this record to the “wp_options” table

insert into wp_options set option_name='sm_shop_manager_dashboard', option_value=1;

Of course if you have other DB prefix than ‘wp_’ you need to replace it.
2) If you are not comfortable with SQL and direct database updates via SQL-commands you may go this way – insert the line of code below to your theme functions.php file:

// Make Smart Manager available for the user with Shop Manager role
add_option('sm_shop_manager_dashboard', 1);

Login under Shop Manager user, check that you see “Smart Manager” menu item under the “Product” menu. Then you may delete code above from the functions.php as it made changes needed at the database already.

Happy “wordpressing” :).