User Role Editor Pro version 4.60.2

User Role Editor Pro version 4.60.2 was published at September 21st, 2021. It’s mainly bug fixes and code enhancing release.

Changes list [21.09.2021]

Core version: 4.60.2

  • Update: Marked as compatible with WordPress 5.8.1
  • Fix: Admin menu access add-on: Blocked admin menu item “SEO->Workouts” (from Yoast SEO plugin) was still available as main menu item.
  • Fix: Multisite: Add-ons data from the main site were not replicated to subsites after click “Update Network” button from the “Network Admin->Users->User Role
  • Fix: Navigation menus access add-on:
    – PHP Warning: Undefined variable $result in /wp-content/plugins/user-role-editor-pro/pro/includes/classes/nav-menus-admin-controller.php on line 28
    – PHP Fatal error: Uncaught TypeError: Unsupported operand types: string + string in /wp-content/plugins/user-role-editor-pro/pro/includes/classes/nav-menus-admin-view.php:146
  • Core version was updated to version 4.60.2.b1
  • New: URE user capability ‘ure_edit_gravityforms_access’ was added (for future use).
  • Fix: Multisite: URE_Editor::is_full_network_sync() returned FALSE, instead TRUE for the AJAX call, while call was made from the Network Admin (wp-admin/network/).