User Role Editor Pro version 4.35.2

User Role Editor version 4.35.2 was published at July 10th, 2017. Changes list is available below.

Changes list.

Core version: 4.35.1

  • Fix: Gravity Forms access add-on: view of entries from prohibited forms via direct URL was not blocked.
  • Fix: Admin menu access add-on: It was not possible to block menu items when user had access to some submenu item, like “Categories”, but did not have access to a top level menu, like ‘Posts’. ‘Categories’ was shown in spite of it was configured as blocked.
  • Core was updated to version 4.35.1:
  • Fix: “Grant Roles” button at the bottom of “Users” page did not work as had the same ID as a similar button at the top of this page.
  • Update: when bbPress plugin is active, “Grant Roles” does not revoke bbPress role granted to user anymore.
  • Fix: The same ID “move_from_no_role” and “move_from_no_role_dialog” were output twice at “Users” page.