User Role Editor Pro 4.14.2

User Role Editor Pro version 4.14.2 was published at July, 24th, 2014. This version was tested with 2 versions of WordPress: current 3.9.1 and upcoming 4.0 (4.0 Beta 2 was used actually). Read the updates list below:

  • Admin menu access module:
    • Bug was fixed which prevented to prohibit direct URL access to the blocked menu items. Recheck roles blocked admin menu items after installing this update as with low probability you may need to redefine them from the scratch. Try to deactivate/activate plugin 1st (Network deactivate/Network Activate for WP multisite). Generally it helps according to the test results;
    • role menu permissions processing was updated for the Gravity Forms plugin under WP multisite.
  • Integration with Gravity Forms permissions system was enhanced for WP multisite.
  • MySQL query optimized in order to reduce memory consumption.
  • Extra WordPress nonce field was removed from the post at main role editor page.
  • The instance of main plugin class User_Role_Editor is available for other developers via $GLOBALS[‘user_role_editor’]
  • Compatibility issue with the theme [“WD TechGoStore”]( is resolved. This theme loads its JS and CSS stuff for admin backend unconditionally – for all pages except loading for its own pages only.
    While the problem is caused just by CSS, URE unloads for optimization purpose all this theme’s JS and CSS from WP admin backend pages where conflict is possible.
  • Fix for the issue with periodic URE license key value disappearance at WordPress multi-site.
  • Minor code enhancements.