User Role Editor Pro 4.12.1 – automatic update works again

Version 4.12.1 of User Role Editor Pro is available for download.
This version is the technical update to fix the issue with the automatic updates API link. This link should start from instead of
This is related to migration of site to the Google App Engine platform, which does not support SSL for the naked custom domains and requires to use SSL secured links with www subdomain, e.g. in our case. Starting from version 4.12.1 automatic update for User Role Editor Pro is returned to the working state.
In order to fix the issue for earlier installed version 4.12, You may replace manually the user-role-editor-pro.php file with the file from version 4.12.1 installation package. Or just add www. to the update link at line #64 via text editor. It should look this way:

    $ure_update_checker = new PluginUpdateChecker(