User Role Editor Pro 4.12

User Role Editor Pro version 4.12 was published at April, 22nd, 2014. The updates include:

  • Use new “Admin Menu” button to block selected admin menu items for role (more details…).
  • Posts/Pages edit restriction feature does not prohibit to add new post/page now. It should be managed via ‘create_posts’ or ‘create_pages’ user capabilities.
  • If you use Posts/Pages edit restriction by author IDs, there is no need to add user ID to allow him edit his own posts or page. Current user is added to the allowed authors list automatically.
  • New tab “Additional Modules” was added to the User Role Editor options page. As per name all options related to additional modules were moved there.
  • Bug was fixed. It had prevented bulk move users without role (–No role for this site–) to the selected role in case such users were shown more than at one WordPress Users page.