User Role Editor Pro 4.11

User Role Editor Pro version 4.11 was published at April, 6th, 2014. The updates include:

  • Single-site: It is possible to bulk move users without role (–No role for this site–) to the selected role or automatically created role “No rights” without any capabilities. Get more details here
  • Posts/pages edit restriction controls are shown at user profile in case only if user can edit posts/pages.
  • It is possible to restrict editing posts/pages by its authors user ID (targeted user should have edit_others_posts or edit_others_pages capability).
  • Multi-site: Superadmin can setup individual lists of themes available for activation to selected sites administrators.
  • Gravity Forms access restriction module was tested and compatible with Gravity Forms version 1.8.5
  • Plugin uses for dialogs jQuery UI CSS included into WordPress package instead of external one.