No role for this site – return users to life

WordPress allows to have “No role for this site” users – users without any role. How to select them all to update access rights? WordPress offers separate views in the “Users” list for the existing roles only. There is no such role “None”, thus there is no separate view for users without role. Yes, it is possible to turn on checkbox near needed user row at the “Users” list and then use bulk action “Change role to…”. It is simple and quite enough in case you have less then 25 users to see them all at the same page. But what to do, if you have more than 1000 users? It becomes time consuming to go manually through every page of huge users list and find users without role to change their rights.

User Role Editor version 4.11 allows to assign role to users without role in the bulk mode. This feature is applicable to the single site WordPress installations only. Users without role for this site at WordPress multisite are managed different way by adding to site at “Network admin”.

Let’s see on this new feature in details. User without role is shown at WordPress this way:
1) At user profile – attribute “Role” with value “No role for this site”:

User profile - no role for this site
User profile – no role for this site

2) At users list – column “Role” with value “None”, look at arrows with number 1:
Users list - no role for this site
Users list – no role for this site

User Role Editor version 4.11 adds “Without role (nn)” button to the right of standard “Change” button (arrow number 2 at the image above) especially to assign selected role to the WordPress users with “No role for this site”. It shows current quant of users without role at this site.
This dialog window is opened after click on the “Without role” button:
Dialog - Change role to
Dialog – Change role to

Dropdown menu selection at this window is synchronized with the similar menu selection from the parent window. Select role which you wish to assign to all users without role and click “OK”. User Role Editor will do the rest.

Pay attention on the option “No rights”. This is a special empty role without any capabilities. If it does not exist at this site yet it will be created automatically. Moving all users with “No role for this site” to the “No rights” role allows you to see all those users at the separate “Users” list view, similar to any other existing WordPress role, without changing their effective user permissions. “Can do nothing” will be left the same “Can do nothing” for them:

No rights view at Users list
No rights view at Users list

If there are no users without roles at this site “Without role” button is not shown. At sites with large (thousands) quant of users count of users without roles may take some time and bring additional delay to the “Users” page openning. To exclude this turn off “Count users without role” option at the “User Role Editor” Settings-General tab.

In conclusion please look this short video with feature “bulk change user role for users with no role for this site” in action:

It is worth to mention that this feature count users without any permissions. If user has any capability assigned to him directly he will be not counted as user without role for this site and the bulk operation will not be applied to him.

Free version 4.11 Beta of User Role Editor is available for download here.