Free and Pro versions compatibility

One user of free version of User Role Editor asked me via the Contact form:
– What is the process of switch from the version I am using now and the Pro Version, are there any migration issues I should be aware of?
I think that the answer I sent that user could be useful for other potential users of User Role Editor Pro. So I publish it here for your reference:

Switch process between free and Pro version is very simple. It does not necessary to de-install Free version. It should be deactivated only. Then you may activate installed Pro version.
Free and Pro versions have the same core. Thus, these versions are fully compatible between each other, all changes made with Free version are in action under the Pro version. All changes with stuff available for Free version made at Pro version are available under the Free version.

Additional features of Pro version:
1) Export/import roles. This feature is useful when you wish to experiment with roles. You always may rollback your changes to the previously exported data, just import that file. It is useful also when you plan to transfer roles from one site to others.
2) Role editor is available for the superadmin under Network Center. It is possible to make one click update for all sites of the network at once – “Update Network” button. When you click this button, all roles from the main blog, including changes you made are replicated to any existing blog of your site. (It is possible to achieve the same with free version, but you should apply changes to all sites role by role there).
3) If you allow multiple users activate plugins, you may restrict their access to selected plugins: one user may activate/deactivate one list of plugins, other user – other list of plugins.
4) If you use Gravity Forms you may restrict backend access to them on the per form basis: one user may view or edit one list of forms, other user – other list of forms.
5) Ability to change key capability for access to User Role Editor at the URE settings page – for the single WordPress installation.
6) Advertisement free.
7) Premium support and access to forums to receive quick answer in case of any troubles.