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    We are trying to setup a role where the user can only edit his own content. This works extremely good with posts, pages and CPTs. So thank you for that great feature! 😉

    However, this does not work with CF7 forms. Even when I explicitly prohibit a post ID of a CF7 form, the form is still visible and editable.

    Is this a bug, or do I miss something?


    Current URE Pro version does not support edit restrictions for CF7 plugin.

    CF7 uses custom UI page to show forms list. URE Pro simply does not apply edit restrictions for the page ‘admin.php?page=wpcf7’.

    More, CF7 uses meta capabilities:

    	$meta_caps = array(
    		'wpcf7_edit_contact_form' => WPCF7_ADMIN_READ_WRITE_CAPABILITY,
    		'wpcf7_edit_contact_forms' => WPCF7_ADMIN_READ_WRITE_CAPABILITY,
    		'wpcf7_read_contact_form' => WPCF7_ADMIN_READ_CAPABILITY,
    		'wpcf7_read_contact_forms' => WPCF7_ADMIN_READ_CAPABILITY,
    		'wpcf7_delete_contact_form' => WPCF7_ADMIN_READ_WRITE_CAPABILITY,
    		'wpcf7_delete_contact_forms' => WPCF7_ADMIN_READ_WRITE_CAPABILITY,
    		'wpcf7_manage_integration' => 'manage_options',
    		'wpcf7_submit' => 'read',

    And while really it needs to check ‘publish_pages’ instead of ‘wpcf7_edit_contact_forms’, WordPress function ‘user_can’ used by URE Pro check directly ‘wpcf7_edit_contact_forms’. So solutions is not so easy. I will try to search workaround.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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