WooCommerce menu – manage access

WooCommerce menu is protected by ‘manage_woocommerce’ user capability. So if you wish to give user access to this menu you need to give user ‘manage_woocommerce’ capability. But this capability protects other menu items, including critical, e.g. “WooCommerce => Settings”. What to do if you wish to give user access to ‘WooCommerce’ menu, but exclude access to some critical or unneeded submenu items? User Role Editor Pro Administrator menu access add-on will help you.
Give to the selected role ‘manage_woocommerce’ and, if needed, other user capabilities used at this menu, as ‘edit_shop_orders’, ‘edit_shop_coupons’, ‘view_woocommerce_reports’. Then block unneeded submenu items. For example you wish to give to the role access to the ‘Orders’ and ‘Reports’ only. Make as on the screenshot below:

WordPress multisite Super Admin
WordPress multisite Super Admin

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