User Role Editor version 4.7

User Role Editor version 4.7 was published at November 4th, 2013 in both (Free and Pro) editions. The changes applied to this version are:

  • “Delete Role” menu has “Delete All Unused Roles” menu item now. “Unused” means that role is not assigned to any user in this context. Using this option you may cleanup your blog from unused roles with one command.
  • More detailed warning was added before fulfill “Reset” roles command in order to reduce accident use of this critical operation.
    Once more – “Reset” deletes all current roles and executes WordPress core routine to re-create the standard WordPress roles only as they were just after fresh WordPress installation. Use this feature with care in order do not use later the recommendations from the warning message.
  • Bug was fixed at Ure_Lib::reset_user_roles() method. Method did not work correctly for the rest sites of the network except the main blog.
  • Pro version: Post/Pages editing restriction could be setup for the user by one of two modes: ‘Allow’ or ‘Prohibit’.
  • Pro version: Shortcode [user_role_editor roles=”role1, role2, …”]bla-bla[/user_role_editor] for posts and pages was added.
  • You may restrict access to content inside this shortcode tags this way to the users only who have one of the roles noted at the “roles” attribute.

  • Pro version: If license key was installed it is shown as asterisks at the input field.
  • Pro version: In case site domain change you should input license key at the Settings page again.