User Role Editor version 4.5 is available

The list of updates to version 4.5 published at 29.08.2013 includes the following:

  • Direct checking of the “administrator” role is removed from the code to support ability to change User Role Editor access key capability.
    URE uses by default the “administrator” role for single site as the key capability to permit access to the User Role Editor.
    You may change this capability manually by replacing value of URE_KEY_CAPABILITY constant at includes/define_constants.php file. Pro version
    starting from 4.5 allows to change this key capability name (input your own, custom one) via User Role Editor settings page.
  • The Hebrew translation is added. Thanks to atar4u.
  • Pro version only: Ability to restrict access of different administrators to plugins activation/deactivation on the per plugin base is realized.
    Go to the user profile (user should have ‘activate_plugins’ capability) and select plugins to which you allow access for this user.
  • Pro version: Gravity forms access restriction was re-factored and does not use JavaScript – it works on the SQL queries level now.
    In order apply form access restriction to the user it is enough that the user has any capability from the Gravity Forms capabilities list.

Per plugin access restriction to the plugins activation/deactivation