User Role Editor Pro version 4.58.2

User Role Editor Pro version 4.58.2 was published at December 14, 2020. Changes list follows as usual.

Changes List

  • Core version 4.57.1
  • New: Admin menu access add-on: ‘ure_admin_menu_get_hashes’ custom filter was added (pro/includes/classes/admin_menu.php, line #105). URE uses internally the full list of the links included into admin menu. Use this filter to modify it, in case you know what you do.
  • New: German Formal (de_DE_formal) translation was added.
  • Fix: PHP Warning: The magic method __wakeup() must have public visibility. __wakeup() method was defined as private as a part of the Singleton design partern. Method was redefined as public but with exception inside to prevent its usage.
  • Update: jQuery [MultiSelect]( plugin was updated to version 1.5.2
  • Core version was updated to 4.57.1
  • Fix: Nextgen Gallery’s user capabilities were not shown as granted after current role change via roles selection dropdown list.