User Role Editor Pro version 4.47

User Role Editor Pro version 4.47 was published at May 22nd, 2018. It realizes support for 3 new privacy related user capabilities added by WordPress version 4.9.6.

Changes List

Core version: 4.42

  • New: Support for new user capabilities introduced by WordPress 4.9.6 was added: manage_privacy_options (Settings->Privacy), export_others_personal_data (Tools->Export Personal Data), erase_others_personal_data (Tools->Erase Personal Data).
    When WordPress needs to check if user can manage_privacy_options, export_others_personal_data or erase_others_personal_data it checks really manage_options for singe installation and manage_network for the multisite installation.
    If you wish to use specific 3 new user capabilities (manage_privacy_options, export_others_personal_data, erase_others_personal_data) separately) then starting from User Role Editor Pro version 4.47 you can it.
    Turn ON “Privacy related” checkbox at “Use additional capabilities” section of the “Settings->User Role Editor->Additional Modules” tab:
    activate privacy capabilites
    Activate privacy related capabilities

    3 new privacy related capabilities will be available at “Users->User Role Editor” under “All->Core” group after that:
    privacy capabilities
    Privacy capabilities
  • Fix: Divi theme et_pb_layout (Divi Library) custom post type (CPT) was unavailable even for admin when “Force custom post types to use their own capabilities” URE option was turned ON. et_pb_layout CPT is not available by default at User Role Editor pages (users.php), and we have to tell Divi to load et_pb_layout for URE pages via Divi’s custom filter ‘et_builder_should_load_framework’.