User Role Editor Pro version 4.38

User Role Editor Pro version 4.38 was published at November 4th, 2017. Changes list follows below.

Changes list

Core version: 4.37

  • New: User permissions viewer add-on was added. It shows at the bottom of every admin backend (wp-admin) page the user capabilities list checked by this page and plugins hooked to it.
  • New: bbPress user capabilities are shown at User Role Editor under the separate group “Custom capabilities->bbPress” if bbPress plugin is active.
  • Update: Content edit restrictions add-on: removed unneeded current user admin permissions checking, which executed for any WordPress page.
  • Update: Admin menu access add-on: redirection code for blocked URL was enhanced.
  • Update: Content view restrictions add-on: hooks to WordPress with 999 priority instead of former 100 for better compatibility with other plugins.
  • Fix: Content view restrictions add-on: WP_Query query variable ‘post__not_in’ is set in case when ‘post__in’ is not set. Otherwise prohibited posts are excluded from existing ‘post__in’ array.
  • Fix: Other roles access add-on: Users with roles blocked for current user are excluded from the users list. Quantity of users of ‘All’ view (tab) at ‘Users’ page is decreased now for the quantity of hidden users.
  • Core version was updated to 4.37
  • New: New option was added. It’s possible to select permanent quant of capabilities columns at the “Settings->User Role Editor->General” tab.
  • Update: User capabilities are shown for custom post types which use the WordPress built-in ‘post’ or ‘page’ capability type. (0/0) was shown earlier instead of the quantity of user capabilities really used.
  • Update: Restriction was added for ‘do_not_allow’ user capability (used internally by WordPress). You can not add it manually.
  • Fix: URE hides users with ‘administrator’ role by default from any other user. Quantity of users of ‘All’ view (tab) at ‘Users’ page is decreased now for the quantity of hidden admins.