User Role Editor Pro version 4.34.2

User Role Editor Pro version 4.34.2 was published at May 22nd, 2017. It was synchronized with the core version 4.33.1 and includes some minor updates.

Changes List

Core version: 4.33.1

  • New: Posts/pages edit restrictions add-on: custom filter ‘ure_edit_posts_access_restriction_type’ was added. It allows to modify on a fly the restriction type for current user: 1 – prohibit, 2 – allow.
  • Update: “Use jQuery UI CSS from jQuery CDN” option was removed from the “General” tab of User Role Editor Pro Settings page.
  • Fix: Content view restrictions add-on:
    – URE_Content_View_Restrictions::current_user_can_view() returned incorrect result for some restrictions settings.;
    – URE_Content_View_Restrictions_Posts_List::do_not_restrict_editors() could intercept with Posts/pages edit restrictions add-on by recursive call of view filter when WP_Query selects posts available for editing.
    – ure_restrict_content_view_for_authors_and_editors filter was ignored for single page content.
  • Update: Core version was updated to 4.33.1
  • Update: Core version: “Reset” button moved from the “Users->User Role Editor” main page to the “Settings->User Role Editor->Tools” tab.
  • Update: Core version: “Users->Grant Roles” button worked only for superadmin or user with ‘ure_manage_options’ capability. User with ‘edit_users’ can use this feature now.
  • Update: Core version: Settings tabs and dialog windows style sheets was updated to jQuery UI 1.11.4 default theme.
  • New: Core version: Boolean filter ‘ure_bulk_grant_roles’ allows to not show “Users->Grant Roles” button if you don’t need it.
  • New: Core version: Boolean filter ‘ure_users_select_primary_role’ can hide ‘Primary role’ selection controls from the user profile edit page.
  • New: Core version: Boolean filter ‘ure_users_show_wp_change_role’ can hide “Change Role” bulk action selection control from the Users page. So it’s possible to configure permissions for user who can change just other roles of a user without changing his primary role.
  • Fix: Buttons “Users->Without Roles”, “Users->Grant Roles” are shown only to the users with ‘edit_users’ capability.
  • Fix: Transients caching was removed from URE_Lib::_get_post_types() function. It cached post types list too early in some cases.