User Role Editor Pro version 4.27

User Role Editor Pro version 4.27 was published at July, 26th, 2016. This release includes the latest core (v. 4.26.4) of User Role Editor with user capabilities grouped by functionality/purpose. Full list of changes follows.

Changes List.

  • New: User capabilities are grouped by purpose/functionality for more convenience:
    Grouped user capabilities
    Grouped user capabilities

    Click on the group to leave on page just capabilities included into that group. To select/unselect all capabilities from the current group use checkbox control at the top of the capabilities column. Click with “Shift” button will reverse the current selection.
  • New: Content view restrictions shortcode allows to use ‘except_role’ attribute – to show content inside shortcode to all users except users with roles included into ‘except_role’ attribute. So if you don’t wish to show some text to the ‘subscriber’ role and other not logged-in visitor use this shortcode:
    [user_role_editor except_role=”subscriber, none”]some text to hide from subscribers[/user_role_editor]
  • Update: URE_Ajax_Processor class allows to diffirentiate required user permissions according to action submitted by user.
  • Update: Admin menu access module:
    – Filter ‘ure_admin_menu_access_allowed_args’ was added. Use it to register URL parameters in order URE does not block the links inside allowed pages.It happens generally when you use ‘block not selected’ model.
    – Admin menu copy creation was optimized. It’s executed now just after any plugin activation and when URE’s page is opened.
  • Update: Widgets Show Access add-on: It’s enough to have ‘ure_widgets_show_access’ capability now to get access to this add-on functionality.
  • Fix: Admin menu access module:
    – Menu links were calculated incorrectly for some plugins (generally with page=admin.php inside). It’s recommended to re-check your admin menu restrictions settings after this update.
    – Sorting (by category, etc.) inside allowed posts/pages list page may lead to the redirection to the admin dashboard.
    – Added support for “Download Monitor”, “Unite Gallery”, “WPML” plugins additional URL parameters.
  • Fix: Content View Restrictions module:
    – Conflict was resolved with WPML plugin. It adds ‘p’ parameter to the queries for a single post.Titles of restricted posts were viewable for that reason.
  • Fix: Edit posts/pages restrictions add-on: It did not allowed to edit the attachments for ‘Own data only’ option or authors ID list.
  • Fix: required JavaScript files were not loaded at “Network Admin->Settings->User Role Editor” page.