User Role Editor Pro version 4.25

User Role Editor Pro version 4.25 was published at May 5th, 2016. The main news is that this version allows to set posts/pages and any custom post type restrictions for roles. A lot of bug fixes and enhances were included into this version too. Read a full list of changes for version 4.25:

Changes List

Core version: 4.25.2

  • New: Edit posts restrictions module:
    – It’s possible to set edit posts/pages/custom post types restrictions for roles.
    – Option ‘Own data only’ was added to allow to edit/see at admin just own posts/pages, custom post type items.
    – Support was added for “Woocommerce Bookings” plugin.
  • Fix: Edit posts restrictions module:
    – It was not possible to use revisions with ‘Allow’ model.
    – Edit restrictions were not applied to a user without ‘edit_posts’ or ‘edit_pages’ capability.
    – WooCommerce orders are filtered correctly if you restricted a user by authors(product owners) ID.
    It’s possible to switch off this extension via filter ‘ure_edit_posts_access_add_orders_by_product_owner’. It should return false for that.
    – Quant by views was shown wrong for some custom post types, e.g. WooCommerce Orders.
    – bulk update from posts list wrote to the user profile wrong data;
  • Fix: Admin menu access module:
    – ‘user-edit.php’ link was blocked by error with ‘block not selected’ model, which did not allow to edit a selected user.
    – access was allowed by error via direct URL to some menu items blocked with “block not selected” model.
    – Jetpack menu was not blocked. Admin menu copy creation is linked to the action with priority 999, to be executed after Jetpack,
    which uses priority 998 for some reason.
    – ‘UpdraftPlus’ topbar admin menu was not removed when ‘Settings->UpdraftPlus Backup’ menu item was blocked.
  • Fix: Content view restrictions module:
    – Prohibited posts titles/URLs were shown as ‘Previous’ or ‘Next’ links at the single post page.
  • Update: Edit posts restrictions module: bulk update is available for all custom post types, not for the posts and pages only as it was earlier.
  • Update: Admin menu access module:
    – Enhanced technique of blocking links: order and quant of URL parameters does not matter.
    – Admin menu copy is refreshed automatically after any plugin activation for synchronization with possible menu changes.
    – When menu item is not allowed, it’s replaced by the 1st allowed item from a child submenu or removed.
    – Multisite “My Sites” top bar admin menu does not show ‘Dashboard’ menu item for site if it’s blocked for that site.
    – Some plugins/themes produces Menu/Submenu glitches ((Ultimate, Avada) for users with changed permissions. Such menu inconsistencies are fixed automatically.
  • Update: Enhanced inner processing of custom post types list
  • Update: Uses 15 seconds transient cache in order to not count users without role twice when ‘restrict_manage_users’ action fires.
  • Update: URE fires action ‘profile_update’ after direct update of user permissions in order other plugins may catch such change.
  • Update: All URE’s PHP classes files were renamed and moved to the includes/classes subdirectory. Pro version part was moved under the “pro” directory.