User Role Editor Pro version 4.21

User Role Editor Pro version 4.21 is available for the download and automatic update.

Changes List

  • Core version: 4.21
  • It’s possible to switch off the update role confirmation (Settings – User Role Editor – General tab).
  • Standard confirm box before role update was replaced with custom one to exclude ‘Prevent this page from creating additional dialogs’ option in the Google Chrome browser.
  • Option “Show plugins/themes notices to admin only” was added.
  • “Additional options” section was added to the user role editor page. Currently it contains the only “Hide admin bar”. The list of options may be customized/extended by developers via “ure_role_additonal_options” filter (more details…).
  • “Meta Boxes Access” add-on allows to manage access for roles to meta boxes of editor (posts, pages, custom post types) and dashboard pages (more details…).
  • License key is checked in the real time after its input to help exclude input errors.
  • ‘ure_default_post_access_error_action’ filter added to allow modify default value for the post view access error action: 1 – 404 HTTP error or 2 – show error message
  • Fix: create_posts capability was lost for custom post types in spite of ‘activate create capability option’.
  • Fix: Content view restrictions: roles list is saved now for attachments.
  • Fix: Removed hard coded folder name (user-role-editor) from the used paths. User Role Editor Pro is hidden now from a user without permissions (administrator or ure_edit_roles), even if a user has access to the ‘activate_plugins’ capability.
  • Fix: Translation strings updated
  • German translation added