User Role Editor Pro version 4.20

User Role Editor Pro version 4.20 was published at 15.10.2015. Detailed list of changes included into this version follows:

List of changes

  • Core version: 4.19.3. What does it mean? Pro version is built above of the free version. Pro version includes full free version as the core and extends its functionality via additional modules (add-ons). So this line in the changes list means that Pro version 4.20 is built on the core (free) version 4.19.3
  • Added option to force all custom posts types to use its own custom capabilities set instead of usage of one built on ‘post’, e.g. ‘edit_videos’ instead of ‘edit_posts’.
    Suppose you have custom post type “Videos” and it uses ‘post’ capability in its definition. So full capabilities list for this post is:
    – ‘create_posts’ (in case it’s is in use or you activated correspondent option at the User Role Editor),
    – ‘edit_posts’,
    – ‘edit_published_posts’,
    – ‘edit_others_posts’,
    – ‘edit_private_posts’,
    – ‘publish_posts’,
    – ‘read_private_posts’,
    – ‘delete_posts’,
    – ‘delete_private_posts’,
    – ‘delete_published_posts’,
    – ‘delete_others_posts’.
    Option ‘Force custom post types to use their own capabilities’ (at the bottom of screenshot):
    forces all defined custom post types to use its own (custom) capabilities set built on the base of custom post type ID.
    So for the ‘video’ custom post type it will be:
    – ‘create_videos’,
    – ‘edit_videos’,
    – ‘edit_published_videos’,
    – ‘edit_others_videos’,
    – ‘edit_private_videos’,
    – ‘publish_videos’,
    – ‘read_private_videos’,
    – ‘delete_videos’,
    – ‘delete_private_videos’,
    – ‘delete_published_videos’,
    – ‘delete_others_videos’.
    It may be useful in case you have roles, all of which should be capable to edit posts, but some should have access to the Videos, but not to the Podcasts and vice versa.
  • User Role Editor Options page help section was updated.
  • Fix: Admin menu access restrictions were not applied at ‘new-user.php’ page under multisite for the single site administrator role with ‘allow_edit_users_to_not_super_admin’ option turned on:
    allow non super admin edit users
    Special flag was set to indicate that single site administrator gets raised (superadmin) permissions temporary especially for the ‘user-new.php’ page, but current user is not the superadmin really. (This temporary permissions raising is done to allow single site administrator to add new users under multisite if option above is active.)
  • Fix: Custom posts types selection query was updated to include all custom post types except ‘built-in’ types when adding custom capabilities for them.
    Previous version ignored WooCommerce ‘coupon’ custom post type, for example, be cause of it is defined as ‘not public’.
  • Fix: Admin menu access: URLs beyound admin menu are not blocked for the “block not selected” model now. This allows to work with posts under this model of blocking for example. URL ‘post.php?post=’ obviously no included to the admin menu was blocked by earlier versions.