User Role Editor Pro version 4.25.1

User Role Editor Pro version 4.25.1 was published at May, 19th, 2016. It’s mainly bug fix release.

Changes list

Core version: 4.25.3

  • Fix: Content View Restrictions module:
    – Compatibility provided with WordPress versions earlier 4.4, which do not send ‘post’ parameter to “get_{$adjacent}_post_where” filter.
    – Conflict was resolved with WPML plugin. It adds ‘p’ parameter to the queries for a single post.Titles of restricted posts were viewable for that reason.
  • Fix: Admin menu access module:
    – If the 1st submenu item was blocked, menu item was renamed and lost its submenu with not blocked menu items.
  • New: Content Edit Restrictions module: filter ure_restrict_edit_post_type was added. It allows to exclude some post type (you don’t wish to restrict) from this module action.