User Role Editor Pro 4.16

User Role Editor Pro 4.16 was published at September 12, 2014. The changes applied to this version are:

  • Rename role button was added to the URE toolbar. It allows to change user role display name (role ID is always the same). Be careful and double think before rename some built-in WordPress role. It may add some mess to your blog and confuse other users/developers.
    rename role
    Rename Role
  • “create_sites” user capability was added to the list of built-in WordPress user capabilities for WordPress multisite. It does not exist by default. But it is used by WordPress core wp-admin/network/sites.php to control “Add New” button at the “Sites” page under WordPress multisite network admin.
  • bug fix: WordPress database prefix value was not used in 2 SQL queries related to the “count users without role” module. It produced PHP fatal error in case WordPress DB prefix was changed – updated.
  • Admin menu access module: front-end admin menu bar was hidden for user for which you blocked at least one admin menu items. I work on the blocking separate menu items at front-end admin menu bar. So let’s hope that this is the temporal measure.
  • Admin menu access module: fixes/enhancements for the processing of “Appearance” menu and its items “Themes”, “Customize” (required user capability, etc.).
  • Roles export: file name with exported roles data is built now using this scheme: ure-roles-backup_Y-m-d_h_i_s.dat, e.g. ure-roles-backup_2014-09-05_15_23_09.dat