User Role Editor (free) version 4.26 Beta 1

Development version 4.26 Beta 1 of User Role Editor (free) is available for testing from July, 7th, 2016. You should logout to get the Download page with a free version.
The major user interface update is included: user capabilities are grouped by their purpose and/or functionality. Welcome to take part in testing of refreshed and (we hope) more convenient user interface.

Changes List [07.07.2016]

  • New: User capabilities were grouped by functionality for more convenience.
    Grouped user capabilities
    Grouped user capabilities
  • Update: URE_KEY_CAPABILITY constant was changed from ‘ure_edit_roles’ to ‘ure_manage_options’. To make possible for non-admin users access to the User Role Editor without access to the ‘administrator’ role and users with ‘administrator’ role.
  • Update: User receives full access to User Role Editor under WordPress multisite if he has ‘manage_network_plugins’ capability instead of ‘manager_network_users’ as earlier. This allows to give user ability to edit network users without giving him access to the User Role Editor.
  • Update: Multisite: use WordPress’s global $current_site->blog_id to define main blog ID instead of selecting the 1st one from the sorted list of blogs.
  • Update: various internal optimizations.

Pro version will be updated to include the 4.26 core version after we finish testing and publish the free version 4.26. It will be Pro version 4.27.