Restrict users access to Gravity Forms

If you need to restrict users access to Gravity Forms, User Role Editor Pro may do it on the per form base. How does it work?
1st, you need activate this feature at User Role Editor Settings page – turn on the “Activate per form user access management for Gravity Forms” option for that. Do not forget to save your changes.
After that site administrator may see the new section “Gravity Forms Restrictions” at the user profile with input field “Allow access to forms with ID (comma separated)”. This field will appear at profile of those users only who have some capabilities from the “Gravity Forms” capabilities list, e.g. “gravityforms_edit_forms”, “gravityforms_view_entries”, etc.
Look support video for your reference. I show there, how user with access to full list of the “Gravity Forms” get under control just a small part of them after setting up user access restriction to Gravity Forms at User Role Editor Pro: