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    There is caching on the site via their host: WP Engine, which has been ‘cleared’ and tested with the same intermittent results.

    Deactivating plugins really isn’t an option considering the site is live and needs all working plugins in order to make the site fucntional. I would have to do it during off-time.

    Any other possible tests to do that will not disable the functionality of the site?


    Update this morning:
    Out of the 11 posts that the user role should be able to edit, only two were able to be edited (even though all 11 are listed).

    The first one I was able to make edits/save/re-edit/resave without issue.
    The second one I was able to make edits/save/re-edit and I attempted to save only to be presented with the message: Sorry, you are not allowed to edit this post.

    Then when I attempted to edit any of the others, the error message appeared intermittently.


    Well I’m using the abbreviation for the sake of this post. So that isn’t a concern.
    The Content Blocks is plugin Custom Post Widget (


    Please let me know ASAP when you can look into this as this is a rather urgent issue.


    MU is the user role. All users with MU user role have access to these same content blocks.

    “Is the same user logout/login to resolve a problem or on logout and other login?”
    That is a VERY good question. I don’t know as I’m just requested to fix the problem.

    So what can I do to try to resolve the issue? I’ve cleared out caching via WP Engine and the same issue occurs. I’m able to edit some but not all content blocks. The error is intermittent and doesn’t matter which content block I try to access.


    Okay, so I went to Settings > User Role Editor > ‘Force custom post types to use their own capabilities’ and was able to refine the role’s access to certain items.

    This worked very well.


    Following these instructions:

    I was able to get a role to access certain Widget Blocks. Unfortunately, the plugin that I gave access to this role shares the same capability. So now I have two more plugins accessible by this role that share the same capability, but I don’t want this role to get access to these plugins.

    So how do I exclude these other plugins that share the same capability and still give access to the role to only the Widget Blocks?

    For example,
    Role: IT
    Plugin: Widget Blocks
    Capability: edit_posts, create_posts (I selected the following: edit_posts, edit_others_posts—this had to be selected–,create_posts, edit_published_posts)
    Posts edit: 8981, 8983

    Other plugins that share the same Capabilities:
    Plugin: AGP Icons
    Capability: manage_options, edit_posts

    Plugin: Meta Slider
    Capability: I don’t know because I can’t see it listed in the Admin Menu. So obviously this must share a capability.

    So how do I get rid of access to AGP Icons and Meta Slider for this role?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)