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    Any further thoughts on this?


    Awesome! Thank you.

    I don’t have a lot to offer, but if kicking in a few bucks is going to help, I’m happy to put something towards the cause.


    And – just in case any of the above is misinterpreted – we love this plugin. Lots of features, and lightweight. Thanks for making it available.

    If what I am trying to do above can’t currently be done, and it’s not too heavy a lift and you think you might want to add it, we could possibly pitch in financially to the cause.


    Thinking more about it, you wouldn’t really need All Visitors or Any User Role, since that is determined by WP, and what we want is the ability to essentially limit the number of people who can edit the given page to a subset of people who have editing permissions as granted by WordPress. So it might look more like:

    Limit Edit Access to only:
    O – Selected User Roles:_______________________
    O – Selected Users:______________________
    (these roles / users must already be assigned edit privileges)

    So anyone who wanted to edit the page would need standard WP Edit privileges, but if either of the two fields above was filled out, Edit privileges for that page would be limited to only these uses or roles.


    The issue with that approach is that it is user-centric. So, the way I understand it, you would have to set that option for every new user in order to protect that page. That is unworkable.

    What I am looking for is a page-centric approach, that much in the way the View Permissions sit on a page, you could have Edit Permissions as well, so that I could say essentially “for this page, these are the only users (or these are the only roles) that can edit this page.” Then, no matter how many new users you set up, nothing about the page edit access would change.

    So at the bottom of each page along with View Access, you would also have:

    Edit Access: O – Allow Edit O – Prohibit Edit
    For Users:
    O – All visitors (logged in or not)
    O – Any User Role (logged in only)
    O – Selected User Roles:
    (and add)
    O – Selected Users:

    I’d be fine with only being able to specify by user or by role, but preferably either or both.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)