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    Hi Vladimir,


    If we open in the wish list… there could also be the option to disable o hide “Grant Roles” button at Users list page:

    I usually have it deactivated with code:

    * Hides “Grant Roles” button at Users list page
    add_filter(‘ure_bulk_grant_roles’, ‘ure_bulk_grant_roles’);
    function ure_bulk_grant_roles( $show ) {
    /* Remove comment if do not wish wish to apply this for administrators also
    $lib = URE_Lib::get_instance();
    if ($lib->is_super_admin()) {
    return $show;
    return false;

    PD: The general idea behind all this is that I use your plugin to create a new role called “Manager”, with intermediate permissions between the Administrator and the Editor (something that surprises me a lot that does not come by default in WordPress).

    This is the role for people who “manage” the contents of the site and create new users of the site, but can not access the settings, plugins, etc..

    Thanks for your plugin!!!

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    Congratulations on your plugin!

    Have you thought about adding this “Hide Other Roles control” as an option in the plugin settings?


    Thanks to you for this multi propouse pluging.


    Tested with this code:

    TEST 1. roles=”none” for a user NOT LOGGED-IN:
    RESULT: [user_role_editor roles=”none”]you are NOT LOGGED-IN[/user_role_editor]
    [user_role_editor except_roles=”none”]you are LOGGED-IN[/user_role_editor]

    TEST 2. roles=”no_role” for a user with NO-ROLE-FOR-SITE (or not logged-in):
    RESULT: [user_role_editor roles=”no_role”]your profile is NO-ROLE-FOR-SITE (or you are not logged-in)[/user_role_editor]
    [user_role_editor except_roles=”no_role”]your profile is any, except NO-ROLE-FOR-SITE[/user_role_editor]


    if you want to update

    Shortcode for content view access restriction

    I have wrote this:
    If you wish to show some content for users with no role (“— No role for this site —”) or not logged in, use this shortcode [user_role_editor roles=”no_role”].


    Thank you


    Just to make sure this is not forgotten. any news on this issue? any further clarification or explanation needed?


    thank you very much for your kind and quick response. It is a pleasure to be attended by the responsible of this great plugin.

    Forgive me, but I don’t quite understand your answer.

    I take this opportunity to explain my need (and I suppose that of many others who use “no role for this site”).

    Traditionally, we used to show content only for active members (with any role such as administrator, editor, subscriber…) of the NGO with this code:

    [user_role_editor roles=”none”]Please join our NGO, or loggin (text for non logged-in or not members yet)[/user_role_editor]
    [user_role_editor except_roles=”none”]Some text only for NGO active members with any rol[/user_role_editor]

    But now we have members who have temporarily unsubscribed. We don’t want to delete their user accounts, so we thought that assigning them to “No role for this site” might be a solution.

    So we would like these people without a role, even if they are logged in, not to be able to see content that is only for members with a role.

    I understand the importance of backwards compatibility, but it is very strange that “role=none” actually means “role=logged_out”, and also there is no “role=no_role” to handle non-role users…

    Let me humbly make you a proposal:
    Add the value “role=no_role” to handle users with “no role on this site”.

    I think this way we could use the following code to display restricted content only for members with an assigned role:

    [user_role_editor roles=”none,no_role”]Please join our NGO, or loggin (text for non logged-in or logged with “no role for this site”).[/user_role_editor]
    [user_role_editor except_roles=”none,no_role”]Some text only for NGO active members with any rol[/user_role_editor]

    What is your opinion? Could it work?

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