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    Ah, I see… if I want take control for different Roles I have just to paste the Code in the Theme functions.php. Within this I´m able to to select different User Roles to be able to have the HTML Editor for advanced Article crating while normal Users are only able to use the Visual Editor.
    Great Advice 🙂

    Vladimir, may I suggest to you to maybe include this Feature function in one of your next Plugins Update? So that this special Editor Functions could enabled/disabled by default within User Roles Editor Plugin without the need of edit the Theme Functions.php?

    1.) So it would not be effected when Theme updates overwrite the changed settings.
    2.) It would be in my opinion a great feature addon too to control which of the Users are able to have full control of the HTML Editor. Some of the Users couldn´t break any Site anymore with wrong HTML Codes.
    3.) Admins would have less headache 😉


    I tried this meanwhile but with one difference:

    function my_editor_settings($settings) {
      if (!current_user_can('administrator')) {
        $settings['quicktags'] = false;
      return $settings;
    add_filter('wp_editor_settings', 'my_editor_settings');
    add_filter('wp_default_editor', create_function('', 'return "tinymce";'));

    Here I got the 500 Error Message

    So I thought just to put this code snippet without the <?php ?>.

    My mistake was at the last line. Here I added ?>

    Thank you so much for your time and your support. Now with your advice the Editor is doing the job as I want.

    With best Regards from Austria,


    Good Morning Vladimir,

    thank´s a lot of this advice 🙂

    So just a question – if I include this code snippet into my Theme functions.php it works perfect. But can you advice me how to integrate it as a Must USE plugin? I tried to do this but it does not work. What did I do?

    1. I created a folder in /wp-content with this structure /wp-content/mu-plugins
    2. I pasted your code-snippet into my Text Editor and saved this file with name: editor.php
    3. Uploaded this file into the new created directory: /wp-content/mu-plugins

    But when I tried this it wasn´t working. The snippet was printed as text line to the head of my Website. It seems that I just made something wrong.

    By the way I didn´t know about the must use Plugin till now. So ecery day I learn new secrets 😀

    Thank´s for your reply,

    With best Regard, Karl

    in reply to: After Update to Version 4.24 – http 500 Error #2152

    Hi Vladimir,
    I had Time now to make a new try and I can confirm that the new Version 4.24.2 is working so far without Errors 🙂

    With best regards, Karl

    in reply to: After Update to Version 4.24 – http 500 Error #2144

    Hi Vladimir,
    updated straight to Version 4.24.1 and now I get this http 500 Error:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined method URE_Content_View_Restrictions_Posts_List::can_edit() in /wp-content/plugins/user-role-editor-pro/includes/pro/classes/content-view-restrictions-posts-list.php on line 58

    in reply to: After Update to Version 4.24 – http 500 Error #2140

    Hi Vladimir,
    so here are some Information. As I´m not a Programmer I had to search how to get this Server Logs 😉

    Here is the Debuggin Log:

    Fatal error: Undefined class constant ‘content_for_roles’ in wp-content/plugins/user-role-editor-pro/includes/pro/classes/content-view-restrictions-posts-list.php on line 46

    Information about my WordPress Installation:
    PHP version: 5.6.16
    MySQL version: 5.5.47
    Curl version: 7.26.0 / SSL: OpenSSL/1.0.1e / libz: 1.2.7

    Hope this helps to finding the Error.

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