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    Hi we have a site with WooCommerce and are using WPML (Swedish as the main language).
    When I use the Content View Restriction with the settings
    View Access: Allow View
    Selected User Roles: administrator, boston_admin, fsa_admin, spelare_boston
    Action: Redirect to URL
    It works perfect, only the selected users can see the product.
    But if I open the page as a user which is not logged in, and then goes to the shop page and change language from Swedish (where the product is hidden) to English I can see and order the product.
    How can I get it to hide the product in the second language?



    WPML uses other page instance (db record) for the other language, for which you did not set content view restriction. I don’t have test WPML setup. Check if it’s possible to setup content view restriction for the page copy which you open for English language.


    Hi Vladimir, thanks for your quick reply. I just changed to the old translation under WooCommerce Multilingual settings and changed the settings in the English product. So now it works great. It would be nice if the user role settings in the original product was copied over to the language you translated to direct so we could use the new translation tool.
    Thanks for your help with this.


    Hi Bjorn,

    Good suggestion. Can you provide me a copy of WPML plugins (via DropBox or Google Drive)? I would look how they link posts with different languages and try to hook content view restrictions settings from the main language to other post copies.


    I sent it over DropBox to if you have any problems to access this please let me know.


    I got it. Thank you. I will work on the update.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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