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    I have a multisite and I’ve created a new role for editing sites.
    Currently the users with this role can’t click on the “pencil languages” and in addition they have a menu options of WPML which I don’t want it to appear.
    How can I set it?
    See screenshot for more details:

    In addition – a general question:
    What is the different between “Apply to All sites” on the main site and “Update Network” from the network settings? Doesn’t it do the same action? when to use each one?


    WPML menu is protected by these user capabilities:
    – WPML wpml_manage_languages
    – Languages wpml_manage_languages
    – Theme and plugins localization wpml_manage_theme_and_plugin_localization
    – Translation options wpml_manage_translation_options
    – Support wpml_manage_support
    – WP Menus Sync wpml_manage_wp_menus_sync
    – Taxonomy Translation wpml_manage_taxonomy_translation

    Remove from user (role) a related user capability to remove menu item from a menu available to him.

    I think that a ‘pencil’ (edit language translation) is greyed out as a user can not edit this post or related translation as it was created by other user. Test under user with ‘edit_others_posts’ capability.


    There is a difference:
    – ‘Apply to All Sites’ replicates to subsites a currently selected role only.
    – ‘Update Network’ replicates all existing roles from the main site to the subsites. Any subsite role which is not available at the main site is dropped. So this function is to synchronize all network permission.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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