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    I was recently asked by a client to change the role of an existing user from ‘editor’ to ‘admin’ , this is not the wordpress admin , but a cut down version created by the ‘user role’ plugin.

    I received an email from the client telling me that now , when that particular user adds a wordpress gallery to a post , the wordpress editor will load 50+ images that have not been chosen for this post , however , when the post is viewed on the front end, only the original post images that were chosen show as normal.
    anytime you go back to edit that post , all the extra images load.

    This applies to new posts and pages that contain wordpress gallery images and also happens on existing posts and pages.

    The images being inserted are always the same ones and go back to when the site was first launched , it’s as if wordpress is pulling all the image’s ever posted by that user and inserting them into every post ?

    I have de-activated ALL plugins except for ‘user role editor’ , the problem remains.

    With the ‘user role editor’ plugin deactivated things return to normal, the posts display correctly in the editor and the front end.

    All other roles are functioning as normal …. for now

    The only way i could cure this was to delete that username , that would not be ideal in all cases. I’m concerned this could happen again in the future if i need to change roles for a user. Deleting the user is not a good fix for me.


    Thanks for the valuable information.
    I had no chance to test it yet. But I really will do it these days.


    I tried to repeat a described issue, but without success. Posts are shown at the post edit page with pages included to the gallery only as for editor, as for later assigned admin-copy role.
    In case you will meet a similar issue again, let me access to the site to take a look in order to try to repeat it at my development environment.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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