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    Just a role exported will not help me as your site has another list of menu items according to active plugins.

    I need to see a full URL (without domain) with all arguments, which users sees at a browser after click ‘Search’ and screenshot of “Admin menu” settings for a role, assigned to this user. You can send the details directly to support [at-sign] if your prefer.


    Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. This looks like it was a permissions issue. I was able to solve it by copying the admin role and then slowly removing rights until it was set the way I want.

    Thanks anyway!!


    Thanks for letting me know.


    Any solution to this?

    I can’t find what capability is needed to allow the searching.

    I have even enabled everything for a role and still cannot search posts or custom post types. Can search categories fine but search posts and custom post types like WooCommerce products result in a redirection to the dashboard.

    The only person that can search is super admin.


    Do you block some menu items for user role with “Admin menu access” add-on?
    If you ‘yes’ and you use ‘block not selected’ model then URE blocks and redirects to the 1st available menu item (dashboard) any links, which are have the same base as the menu items, but have additional arguments/parameters in URL.
    2 workarounds are possible:
    1) Use “Block selected” model in “Admin menu” settings for this role;
    2) go to the “Settings->User Role Editor->Additional modules” tab and click “URL parameters white list” link. Find the menu item and add for it additional URL arguments which you allow for this menu item.

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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