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    Hi, i’ve setted up for hide menu products by user role but not is working on 4.49.3.

    May u help me?



    You need to revoke ‘edit_products’ capability from a role in order user with that role does not see “Products” admin menu item. Did you?


    Yes, i’ve setted up a role that can just “read” but not is working, also if i’m not logged i can view product that i’ve allowed the access just for a specific role. How can i fix it?


    Check full list of user capabilities granted to this user. I mean some capabilities may be granted directly to a user, without using role. Go to “Users” page, select user row and click “Capabilities” link under it. Look for capabilities granted to this user.


    Hi, i’ve checked capabilities but not is working.
    Can i give u an access to chek? have you an email that i can send you the credentials?


    Hi, not work!
    Can i give u an access to chek? have you an email that i can send you the credentials?


    Yes, send admin login credentials to support [at-sign]
    Let me know also what user do you test.


    Hi Vladimir,
    I sent you the login credential by email.
    The website url is


    Hi Aniello,

    Thanks for the access to the site. There was misunderstanding. I thought you have a problem with revoking access to the “Products” menu at /wp-admin, but you wish to manage view access to the products at front-end.
    You are at almost 1 step from your purpose. Setting you made for products with category “Gioielli” is correct in case you wish to block view of post content (product decsription) but still leave post title (product title) available in the listings (catalogo or shop page) and product page itself (just without content). In case you wish to exclude product from the listing and fully hide its page, you need to select action “Return 404 HTTP error”


    Hi Vladimir,
    thanks for instructions. I tried my best to comply with them but I did non succeed!
    I kindly ask you to double check the setting I made following your email.
    It would be fantastic if you could set it for me.

    I know you have understood my needs but I want to make it clear once again for your convenience.

    I’d like that the category “Gioielli” (in shop page) appears in the listing to all shop visitors. If someone try to access the “Gioielli” category, it will be redirected to the registration page unless already registred.

    Thanks for your support.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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