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    Christine Welsch

    Not sure if this is a new feature – eventually it already exists and I just do not know how to use it: Is there a possibility to show parts of my posts only to visitors that do not have a role at all? Then I would just say [user_role_editor roles=”none”] to mark posts that would only be visible to users that are not logged in.

    Is that something new or does it already exist?



    Thank you, Christine. It is a very good addition to the existing shortcode functionality. I will add this feature.



    I would love to have this feature too. For example, in buddypress, I don’t want the members page be viewable to any guest; I want members to be visible to site members only.


    In relation to ‘shortcode’ this feature was realized:

    Shortcode for content view access restriction

    Posts view restrictions includes a similar option ‘No role for this site’ also:

    Content view access restriction for selected roles

    I’m not sure that this add-on will work with BuddyPress though. I did not tested URE Pro with BuddyPress yet. It works with posts, pages and any custom post type. If BuddyPress page is a ‘post type’ like others then it should do the trick.

    I should look at BuddyPress and make some tests to be sure.


    Any update on adding the User role “none” to manage guests privileges.

    I was hoping to use this to make a WooCommerce product page private to non logged in users using the read_product privilege.


    To @arceoh:

    To show some content for not logged in (guest) visitors only, you use this shortcode [user_role_editor roles=”none”].

    Shortcode for content view access restriction

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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