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    Downloaded the Pro Version. I do not see an area for extra capabilities. I just want to have the User (Contributor) to have access to create and submit a posting for review with the ability to add a feature image. I do not want to give them access to media library or any other dashboard options. Please advise.

    Also once I do a sample posting under new role and log out and back into my admin account when I try to edit the posting submitted and publish it says that the user is is in editing mode and I have to force to take over control. How can that be if I logged out of the sample contributor role I created.


    What area for extra capabilities do you mean?

    In order contributor can add a feature image he should have the ‘upload_files’ user capability. This automatically gives him access to the Media Library.
    It’s possible to block for the contributor role the access to the “Media” menu with “Admin menu access” add-on.
    But if you fully block “Media” menu (including “Add new”) user will can not add new image. It will can just select a featured image from the existing images.
    I offer do not block “Media” menu for contributor. It’s possible to restrict him to see just his own images there. Activate “Edit posts restrictions” add-on. Do not forget to add ‘create_posts’ capability to ‘contributor’ role in this case.
    Open “Posts Edit” dialog for contributor role and select “Allow”, “Own data only”. This setting will hide from the Media Library images uploaded by other users.


    “Editing mode” – it could be some issue with cookie. Try the same using different browsers for different users.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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