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    Greetings — I see under User Role Editor settings > Multisite that I can check “Enable ‘unfiltered_html’ capability,” but I don’t know whether this capability then applies only to role = administrator; does it? (That’s our desired restriction.) I can’t see the unfiltered_html capability listed under core capabilities per role, so it doesn’t appear to be an editable capability per role.

    Thanks for your clarification.


    Jim P.


    Hi Jim,
    Excuse me for delay with answer.
    You don’t see the unfiltered_html capability at the list of core capabilities as URE marks it as the “deprecated” for multi-site. Turn on the “Show deprecated capabilities” checkbox and you will see it.
    The option “Enable ‘unfiltered_html’ capability” force this capability to work. It will work for those roles only, which include it. That is if you have ‘unfiltered_html’ capability turned on for the “Administrator” role only it will work for the “Administrator” role only.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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