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    I have a role that i’m giving access to Gravity Forms. But I want to grant limited capabilities. I have some capability fields check and some unchecked.

    No matter what’s checked or unchecked the role has full access to Gravity Forms capabilities. Specifically, create, edit, delete forms (see below)

    Am I not using the plugin correctly by expecting to be able to grant access to some of a plugins’ features/capabilities?

    Here are the capabilities I’m selecting…

    no Gravityforms api
    no Gravityforms api settings
    no Gravityforms create form
    no Gravityforms delete entries
    no Gravityforms delete forms
    yes Gravityforms edit entries
    yes Gravityforms edit entry notes
    no Gravityforms edit forms
    no Gravityforms edit settings
    yes Gravityforms export entries
    no Gravityforms preview forms
    no Gravityforms system status
    no Gravityforms uninstall
    no Gravityforms view addons
    yes Gravityforms view entries
    yes Gravityforms view entry notes
    no Gravityforms view settings
    no Gravityforms view updates

    I’m standing by.

    With best regards,



    Hi Garmine,

    Look if role does not have this capability ‘gform_full_access’. If it was granted accidentally, revoke it.


    I’m not sure I get all this but I can’t seem to allow any kind of access to any Gravity Forms pages without gform_full_access. So, I purchased GravityViews and let users view/print forms from the front end.

    With best regards,


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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