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    I’ve created a new user role called ‘Owner’.

    Then removed access to certain menu items in the admin panel. Then exported the capabilities and imported them into another website.

    Now, when the user is logged in as Administrator (super user), the admin user is unable to access the Gravity forms menus.

    The only way to gain access again to the GF menus is to disable the Role-Editor plugin.


    Gravity Forms checks if the roles editor plugin (Members or User Role Editor) is available. If it’s not then gravity checks the only user capability ‘gform_full_access’ to allow full access to its functionality. If GF detects roles editor plugin it checks the detailed list of user capabilities:

    GF grants a full list to the administrator role automatically just in case there is no any capability from this list granted already.

    So if you imported roles data with some limited administrator role it may be a reason of this behaviour. Workaround – select “Administrator” role in URE and turn ON for it all capabilities from the list above.


    Right. Administrator was not showing in the drop-down list. Just discovered it needed to be enabled in the plugin settings.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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