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    I have a role called “events” that grants users access to event espresso events (create, edit, etc). Users with this role have access to their own events (some users have access to others events as well) This works great using your plugin.

    I have another role that I’ve created that allows access to pages, and I use the “allow” function on their username to allow only specific pages/posts. When this role is enabled with the event role, it removes the functionality for a user to edit their events (unless I add those to the list “allow” list– which I dont want to have to do).

    Is there a way to allow all Event Espresso Events, but still only allow specific pages or posts? (similar to the way Gravity Forms works?)Unfortunately Event Espresso is just another post type..

    Any ideas? Thanks



    Hi Michael,

    Yes, there is a way to allow specific pages/posts and ALL events simultaneously. You need to know a custom post type ID of ‘Event Espresso Events’ post type (as it uses at register_post_type() function) to use it in ure_restrict_edit_post_type custom filter provided by URE Pro.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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