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    Hi Vladimir,

    I have a hard time to do settings for a newly created role. I want my assistant to be able to log in and create new articles, only his own articles and images, so I tick the ‘own data only’, which works fine for Media and Posts but others.

    Two plugins should work but can’t. One is TablePress, I expect the assistant can log in to create new tables and can only see his own created tables. Failed, either see also others’ tables or don’t see anyone’s include himself. Also, he can’t create or import a new table, there mentioned he doesn’t have permission to do so. But I ticked all the capabilities regarding TablePress still won’t work for him.

    In the posts editor, he can’t click the ‘Add Media’ button, doesn’t work. So he can’t upload images directly in the posts editor. There’s another plugin just mentioned, which is EasyAzon, the way it should work is, there’s a ‘EasyAzon’ button at the right side of the ‘Add Media’ button, same issue, when clicking on it nothing happens.

    To test things out I created a few more roles, and now I found that in the delete roles I don’t see the options to delete these roles.

    I know my case sounds a bit complicated. Please help, I have spent times to try things out but no results. I would like to have a TeamViewer session if you think that’s necessary to have a better understanding of the issue.

    Looking forward to your reply.



    URE Pro edit restrictions add-on does not support TablePress due to its way of working with custom post type (more information here).

    In order role can use “Add Media” button it should have ‘upload_files’ capability.

    Send direct link to EasyAzon plugin if its available at
    I need access to it in order to test and check what permissions it requires.

    Role is not available for deletion in URE while it was granted at least to one user. Revoke role from all users. You will see it after that at the list of roles for deletion at URE.


    I see. No big deal with TablePress then. The link to EasyAzon:

    I already tick the ‘upload_files’ capability before. I tested it and found that it works perfectly fine in custom post type but not the default posts type.

    This is how does it look like in the default posts type.

    Then in a custom post type, it works perfectly fine. So I guess it’s not due to EasyAzon plugin.

    Please let me know if you need any more information.


    Hi, here’s an update. I deactivated one of the recently installed plugins which is Yuzo Related Posts Pro. And after deactivated it, it’s fixed. Looks like it’s the cause of the issue, the ‘Add Media’ and ‘EasyAzon’ button work as usual after that. Can you please check into it if I want to use both your plugin and Yuzo Related Posts together? I can provide you the plugin to test. Let me know, thanks.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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