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    1. how can i remove from the admin bar a item for some roles. (i am using a theme that shows the theme options on the admin bar and i need to remove it for some roles.
    2. how can i hide specipic pages from roles (not form users) ?
    3. in the admin menu editor there are some itmes that are not showing so i cant hide them. how can i fix this?




    also there are some items that i did hide in the menu admin but are still showing under “new” in the admin bar” how can i fix this to?


    1) Almost every admin menu bar has correspondent menu item at the back-end left side admin menu. Use ‘Admin Menu Access’ module to check what user capability that menu item uses.
    If role does not need that user capability – exclude it. This will remove menu item from the left side admin menu and admin menu bar both. In other case block that menu item with ‘Admin Menu Access’ module. User Role Editor Pro should block those menu items for selected role.
    In case menu item is blocked at main admin menu but it isn’t at admin menu bar, send me the details (screenshot with menu item, to what plugin it belongs).
    2) Do you wish that role do not view the specific page or do not edit? Edit restriction is realized for the users level only. I work on the same feature for the roles. It will be available with the next update (1-2 weeks).
    3) Send the details about what menu items are not showing at ‘Admin Menu’ (screenshot with menu item, to what plugin it belongs). I will investigate this.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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