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    I would like to have a standard “custom access error message” instead of copying and pasting it in to each page. How do I do that? Would it require a code customization? Also, do shortcodes work in the “custom access error message”? I would like to use a shortcode there.



    You can set a default access error message at the “Setting->User Role Editor->Additional Modules” tab. URE will show it until you do not select ‘Show custom access error message’ for a restricted post at the post editor page.

    Yes you can use shortcode inside content view access error message.


    I do see the settings under My Sites > Network Admin > Settings > User Role Editor

    Under the “Additional Modules” tab there is no message under “General” but under “Additional Modules” there is a Content View Restrictions heading with a “Message for post access error:” textbox. This is the one you are referring to correct?

    So, I am presuming that there is no way to have a different message for a given site, there is only one message for the entire network, correct?



    I meant, under “General” tab there is no message, but there is one under “Additional Modules”


    You are right, I updated my previous answer: at “Additonal Modules” tab.

    Correct: while plugin is network activated you have one global for the whole network default access error message.

    If you network deactivate plugin and activate it individually for selected subsites, you can have individual for every subsite settings.

    Other option – input custom shortcode as a network global access error message template. Then built a message individual for subsite inside a PHP processing that shortcode.


    Ok Thanks! I will probably create a shortcode because I do need to add a custom URL.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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