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    I accidentally changed the Editor role to a different name. Now the Role Editor, despite showing the dialogue, does not actually apply the name change BACK to Editor.

    Also, in the same vein, Attempting to delete a role or delete a permission generates no errors, but the action is not actually performed. Additionally, I don’t get any option to delete the permissions for plugins which were removed and are cluttering up my permissions list.

    Finally, I have several custom post types defined by my theme.
    I want to give one role the ability to edit those post types…. but the option is not listed. The Role Editor only lists “edit_posts” (which does not allow them to edit custom post types)


    Editor role rename: I re-tested just now with success and can not repeat the described problem. Can you look at the server logs for related PHP/MySQl error messages?

    You have to revoke capability from all roles except ‘administrator’ in order it become available for deletion.
    If role or capability available for deletion is not really deleted there would be a server side problem. I ask you do the same – check server logs. May be it will help to identify a reason.

    If it’s possible, you may provide me access to your site (support [at-sign] I will check what’s going wrong myself then.

    If URE shows ‘edit_posts’ for custom post type, then such custom post type really use ‘edit_posts’ and some additional capability may be required to work with this custom post type. I may say more if I have access to your theme.


    Sorry for the long delay in responding.

    I think I have discovered the issue/conflict.

    I have another plugin called Ultimate Member installed, which also allows editing of the roles/permissions. Apparently, if the UM plugin made any edits to the role – this plugin will (silently) fail in its attempt to make updates.

    The correction seems to be:
    in the UM editor, “reset” the default member roles (thus removing all UM specific data)
    At this point, I can now edit the core roles through the Role Editor (including renaming) and the custom UM roles through the UM editor.

    as for the custom post types… I am still stuck on that, but it seems that – even though the custom post types were ADDED, the Theme/plugin combination which added them did not do the full add… So, as long as I intend to use this theme, I may be stuck.

    I appreciate the time you took to check into this and your answer actually did point me in the right direction to solve the one issue and accept the second.


    Thanks for sharing this information.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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