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    We are using Oasis Workflow and URE Pro plugin.

    Where in URE pro we have put a setting to allow one post for an author to edit it. He also have “edit_post” capability.

    And in Oasis we have a functionality of Make Revision and Duplicate Post which simply creates the copy of the existing post. In short creates new post.

    Issue is the new post is created but it shows “Sorry, you are not allowed to edit this item.”

    And when we refresh the page the copy of the post is there in the list.

    Do you have any workaround for this ?


    User should have ‘edit_posts’, ‘edit_published_posts’ capabilities in order to edit own posts. ‘edit_others_posts’ is required to edit a post created by other user.

    Did you set edit restriction for such user?
    If ‘Yes’, such restriction does allow him to edit the posts just from the list which you allowed for him. WordPress internally creates new post and then reopen it for edit. That’s why edit permission error may be shown.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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