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    Hi Vladimir, I am using the Event Ticketing plugin Tickera (Tickera Plugin)

    Within the settings menu there are several pages of settings. One of these is the ability to Export PDF. I want to give my support staff the ability to be access that page but not any of the other ones. Is it possible with User Role Editor.

    I have successfully limited access to all settings at this stage but would like to know if I can go that one step further 🙂




    It’s not possible using user capabilities. But it seems that you can use a filter. Tickera adds “Export PDF” tab using this filter:

    add_filter( 'tc_settings_new_menus', array( &$this, 'tc_settings_new_menus_additional' ) );
    function tc_settings_new_menus_additional( $settings_tabs ) {
    	$settings_tabs[ 'tickera_export_mixed_data' ] = __( 'Export PDF', 'tc' );
    	return $settings_tabs;

    You can add to this filter with larger priority (99) your own function, which will remove ‘tickera_export_mixed_data’ element from the array with the list of tabs.

    Let me know if you need further help.


    WOW! Thanks for the reply Vladimir. I’m not that big of a coder so creating the solution is out of my league. I tried (briefly) to have a look through some tutorials but its all rather confusing.

    Let’s just park this as I don’t want to take up your time anymore (unless it’s super quick and easy)

    Your plugin is fantastic and I wonder why WP doesn’t actually have a function like it.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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