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    Hi, I have 2 User Roles (BASIC & ADVANCED) and 2 CPTs (BLOG & PROGRAM). User A has the BASIC role and can create BLOG posts while User B has the ADVANCED role and can create PROGRAM posts. If user A switches to ADVANCED role, he can then create PROGRAMS but no BLOGS. My problem is that despite user A cannot create BLOGS anymore, the previous BLOGS that have created are visible on frontend to everyone. How can I restrict the content if the user hasn’t this capability anymore? I need this because my website is a subscription based network and I don;t want mmbers that downgrade their subscriptions to still show advanced content form higher levels.



    In general Content view restrictions add-on may help. It requires although that user with ‘ure_view_posts_access’ capability and permission to edit all those posts set manually, which roles are allowed to their content.

    Take into account that, if user can edit the post, he automatically can view it.

    You can not set view permission to the full post type at once currently. I think that it would enhance content view restrictions add-on usability and plan to add it to one of the future versions.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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